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What is music Licensing

Sooner or later you as a video creator comes to that point when you create beautiful footage all transitions are perfect and one thing that is left is music. And here you dive into a completely different field that hasn’t even heard of it – music. After hours spent searching for perfect background music for your video, you added it and have a good rest.

Of course if this video not for family usage you want to show it to the world and upload it on some popular video platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo shares it on social media like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and many more.

And here where the problems begin. You need to think about licensing. A couple of years ago it was ok to get some song from the internet and you feel safe on YouTube or Facebook no copyright claims or even worse copyright strike – if you get 3 strikes your account will be permanently removed.

How do Youtube and Facebook know what music you are using in your video?

The powerful platforms have technology that can detect even a little piece of the song inside your video. On YouTube it is called – ContentID on Facebook is called Facebook Rights Manager. In one sentence every song generates its own “audio footprint” and it could be easily be spotted with simple comparing. 

To be short Youtube and Facebook has large libraries of tracks and when you upload your video to its platform it scans the audio track for your video and comparing to the existing library that they have and their libraries contain billions of tracks or maybe more.

What penalties could be applied if I use music without a license?

If you somehow start using music without a proper license you could be penalized with 2 options copyright claim and copyright strike. Let’s go deeper to understand the difference between the two of them.

What is Copyright Claim?

The copyright claim is a simple notification from Youtube that tells – we found that you are using a protected song on our platform please provide a license to confirm that you are using this song legally. 

Also if you are the partner of the Youtube monetization program it means that your video is monetized and it still earns the money, but you will be able to withdraw them only after you provide a license key. Also, it is on the copyright holder of the song to decide what to do with your video – he can change the claim to strike. 

In Lesfm we NEVER DO COPYRIGHT STRIKE. We understand that creating videos costs hours so if you are not making money with your video WE ALLOW TO USE OUR MUSIC FOR FREE, you will probably receive a copyright claim but it’s nothing.

You must also understand that copyright claim does not affect YouTube algorithm ranking, so no worries if you are planning to go viral)

What is Copyright Strike?

Once again at Lesfm we NEVER DO COPYRIGHT STRIKE. Copyright strike means that YouTube found copyrighted content in your video and the author of this content wants to remove it from the YouTube platform. It is very serious because if you will get 3 copyright strikes – it will lead to the removal of your whole account from the platform without the ability to appeal, so take it seriously. Here is more about copyright strikes from the YouTube knowledge base.

How to protect me from copyright claims, copyright strike?

The answer is very simple – license. License is a simple string, unique key or pdf file that tells that you have the official right to use this music. The process of resolving the issue of a copyright claim or strike is very simple.

When you get a copyright claim or strike you should appeal to this issue and provide the license that confirms that you are using the music legally. When you will send it it will take up to 3 days to remove the claim or strike from your video.

How can you use music from Lesfm

At Lesfm we have a couple of options that cover all use cases.

Use music for free without purchasing a license

By choosing this option you download our tracks from one of the platforms and use it whoever you want from home video to YouTube. We also assume that you are not making money with your work so it is a pleasure to support young creators. 

By choosing this option you will probably get a copyright claim but it will never be a copyright strike.

Purchase license to one song

If you want to use our music in commercial projects like movies, documentary films, advertisements, radio, broadcasting, and many more you will think about purchasing a one-time license. 

We license our music through the Envato platform, after purchasing you will get a unique key – that called a license, and every time you will get a claim you can provide a license key that will release any restrictions from any platform

Become our patron

This is the best and the most loved option for us and our customers. Once you become our patron on the Patreon platform we will add your channel to the whitelist that means that you will be able to use any of our tracks from the whole library and will be able to monetize on any platform and never get copyright claim.

Moreover, we adding 3 new tracks per week to our library and you will be able to use them without any additional charge.

If you decided to leave our patron program your published videos won’t get copyright claims or strike.

Purchase part of our library on Fiverr

If you need to purchase only once a batch of the tracks. You can use fiver to do it, you will get a fixed number of tracks that you will be able to use in the future.

Want more copyright-free cinematic music?

So that is just a glimpse of what the LES Music Library has to offer. Our growing catalogue of license-free tracks is growing every month. By joining LES Free Music Library on Patreon, you will receive access to our 60 tracks (in MP3 format) with eight new tracks being added monthly. All Patrons will be added to our HAAWK whitelist. This means your videos will not receive copyright claims.

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