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Sure! It can be used not only on YouTube, but also on any platform such as Facebook, Tik Tok…

All music is divided into levels No Copyrigth, Bronze, Silver, and Gold

Rules for No Copyright Music:

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Music  Rules

  • Free to use / you can’t monetize videos or use them in paid advertising
  • Patreon program / you can monetize videos or use them in paid advertising
  • Licensing / you can monetize videos or use them in paid advertising

Free to use:

Just download track and you are ready for personal use! We only ask you to credit us in the description “Music by Lesfm. Track “Title of Song”

Important to know!
All our tracks from Bronze, Silver, Gold Level are protected by content ID.
You will receive a copyright claim, but it means nothing to you! We do not make a copyright strike!

Youtube Help Center:
Am I in trouble if my video has a Content ID claim?

Probably not. Content ID claims usually mean we found content on your YouTube channel that someone else owns.

What can I do if my video has a Content ID claim?

  • Do nothing: If you agree with the claim, you can leave it as is. You can also change your mind later.
  • Share revenue: If you’re in the YouTube Partner Program and claimed music is in your video, you may be able to share revenue with the music publisher.”
  • Purchase License and release the claim.

Patreon program

This is a monthly subscription that will give you unlimited use of our music!

We whitelist your YouTube channel, and you also have access to a special document that allows you to challenge any claims on any platform.


You can purchase a license for any track separately and use it.


  • You can NOT claim the music as your own
  • You can NOT upload it to Spotify, Apple Music etc….
  • You can NOT sell the music anywhere 
  • You can NOT remix the music without the author’s consent
  • You can NOT use the music without giving any credits in the video description if You are not in the Patreon program or Licensing 

If you used No copyright music you can monetize it if you left a backlink “Music by

If you used Bronze, Silver, or Gold you can use the monetization feature on Youtube if you became my patreon or purchase a library on fiverr.

If you become my patron you will have access to all music + I upload 8 new tracks per month. Moreover on Patreon you will find more version of the song + looped versions and other additional bonuces.

If you’d chosen Patreon program:

You will be charged right after joining it and every month after that. Don’t forget you will have ~8 new tracks every month.

If you’d chosen Fiverr:

You will be charged only once. But you won’t have access to new tracks that I will add every month.

No problem. You will have access to those tracks that was available for you during program and you won’t get any copyright claims

Monetisation literally means ‘to earn money on YouTube’. YouTube monetisation is the process of earning money from your uploaded YouTube videos by enabling ads on them.

When your channel becomes popular and gets regular unique traffic, it becomes profitable for businesses and they are willing to pay to advertise on your videos.

Businesses pay YouTube for advertising and YouTube in turn shares a part of that revenue with the video owner. This is how monetisation works.

YouTube monetization is nothing but the ability to make money out of your videos by allowing ads on your videos. This is a YouTube partner program. The revenue sharing is 55% to the channel owner and 45% to the YouTube. … As soon as you monetise your account and video, ads start appearing on your video.

My music doesn’t have copyright

You have received a copyright notice. You have nothing to worry about. Here are some tips and clarifications:

If you do not want to monetize your video on YouTube 

– You do not need to take any action. Your video is normal, no restrictions will be imposed on it except for monetization (you will not be able to monetize your video). Your video will not be deleted. And it doesn’t affect on Youtube recomendation algorithm.

If you want to monetize your video on YouTube

– You should became my patreon or purchase music library on Fiverr. After that I will add your channel to the whitelist, and you will be able to monetize video on youtube. Usually claims resolved 24-96 hours.

Yes you can, the only thing I ask is to put credits. It inspire me a lot

The term “public domain” is used to describe music that has no copyright and is essentially free for anyone to use. Public domain music would be music published before 1923 or any music specifically released by the creator as public domain. … You should also think twice about Creative Commons music.

In simply words it means that you shouldn’t take a revenue share with music creator when you use it. To get more details visit wikipedia.

If you haven’t found an answer please write me at Usually I respond during the day.

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