About Us

Welcome to Les Free Music Library

If you are looking for no copyright, royalty free background music  for videos this is the right place to be!

Who Are We

We are a family united by music, and we can’t stop creating the best music for your video.

Our Mission

Create  High Quality Background Music for Content Creators, which you can use Easily and Safely!

What We Do

Our 6-D Process



We discover the trends of background music.



Vector of our development is professional high-quality music for video.



We remember that we do not create background music but Emotions!



We learn and develop to create the best background music, we are constantly in the process.



We are expanding our styles of background music, so that you have a large selection of music for your videos.



Easily, Safely and  Useful – High Quality Background Music for Your Content!

Why Choose Us?

The rules are simple you can download and use music for free but if you want to monetize it you should became my Patreon.

I have been making music since 2004. Here you have works starting from 2020, so you get Fresh High Quality  Background music that is tested by experience.

You will not receive a copyright claim on your videos on YouTube and other sites.

No Copyright Music has a great advantage:

No need to buy licenses: You do not need to buy licenses every time you upload new videos on YouTube and other sites.

But there is a danger that someone will steal it and upload it as their own and then everyone who used it will have a claim copyright.

Don’t worry we have solved this problem: We use HAAWK system for more reliable music protection. Also, if you are our patron, you have a special code (licence code) that allows you to resolve claim copyright within 48 hours.

Used without the need to pay royalties or license fees for each use!

You can use all the music tracks on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, TikTok, websites, social media, TV and radio shows, applications and more.

Some Numbers

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Tracks created and counting
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