Royalty-Free Background Music for Download

If you are looking for  royalty free background music and sound effects  for videos this is the right place to be. The rules are simple you can download and use music for free but if you want to monetize it you should became my patron or purchase a license. Also we have section no copyright music.

Discover a rich collection of royalty-free music for your video projects. We produce high-quality tracks for content creators, and our library is ever-growing! If you are looking for no copyright music free download, LesFM will exceed your expectations. Enhance your videos with captivating soundtracks safely and easily!

Make your creative project irresistible with the help of professional background music. We are committed to delivering superior content in all trending genres. Whether you need some uplifting rock, relaxing ambient, or romantic jazz to complement your video, podcast, or ad, it is all here! 

How Does It Work?

The LesFM team creates high-quality soundtracks for digital projects. We offer a simple way to add impressive music to your work. Download and use any files for free, without royalty fees! We only ask you to credit us in the video description. 

If you want to monetize the content, there are several options. For example, you may become our patron or get a license for each track from our royalty-free background music collection. Here is how this works:

  1. Go to our home page to access the genre menu.
  2. Use our advanced search filter to find the ideal music for your needs. 
  3. Download the file. 
  4. Integrate it into your project. 
  5. Upload it to YouTube, Facebook, or any other platform with the required credits. 

Discover an astounding collection of free tracks and enjoy unlimited safe downloads! Our works are perfect for a wide range of projects, from YouTube videos to online ads. Keep track of new arrivals in our royalty-free music library easily by using the search filter. 

LesFM is a trusted collection of fascinating copyright-free music. With us, creating powerful content is easier! You do not have to buy a license every time you upload your work. You will not be bothered by copyright claim issues, either. As long as your projects are not monetized, all the downloads are completely free! 

To use our files for profitable projects, become a patron (to get unlimited downloads) or buy a license for each track. LesFM offers a flexible and reasonable membership system. Patrons get 50+ tracks upon signup and eight new tracks each month. You can also download over 50 tracks on Fiverr for a modest one-time fee. 

Genres of Free Mp3 Background Music

LesFM takes pride in its rich multi-genre collection. Use the buttons on our home page to access the categories instantly, or type your preferred genre in the search field. We offer non-copyrighted background music for every taste. Here are some of the categories: 

  • acoustic
  • ambient
  • electronic
  • folk
  • funk
  • hip-hop
  • indie
  • jazz
  • jazz hop
  • lo-fi
  • lounge
  • orchestral
  • pop
  • retro
  • rock

Aside from the genre filter, you can narrow down your selection by instrument (guitar, piano, drums, etc.) mood (romantic, positive, horror, etc.), setting (driving, corporate, etc.), or pacing (BPM). Of course, our collection would not be complete without some smooth retro tunes! We offer cinematic tracks, too.

Quality of Background Music Free Download

LesFM offers only high-quality content. All of our tracks are available as 320 kbps mp3 files. This is the highest quality of MP3 bitrate, which is ideal for any type of digital project.

Our Benefits

LesFM is a premium source of copyright-free background music. Our key strengths are diversity and quality of the collection, as well as ease of use. Explore and download background music for free or add them to monetized content for a modest fee. Music by LesFM has been included in thousands of videos and played millions of times. 

1. Rich Multi-Genre Library

We discover the latest trends in free background music to create fabulous multifaceted content. Our collection features a rich array of genres, so you are bound to find the right sounds to accompany your videos. From pop to jazz to ambient, there is music for any taste, mood, and season. Aside from conventional options, you can find epic music for trailers, Christmas tunes, ukulele tracks, and more!

2. Broad Spectrum of Emotions

The best music affects the listener at a deeper level. We have tracks for every emotional state. Download royalty-free music of the highest quality to set the right mood and accentuate ideas. LesFM creates uplifting, sad, romantic, dramatic, relaxing, sentimental tunes, and more! Our tracks will help you build a deeper connection with your audience, so you will get more likes, shares, and fans!

3. Flawless Quality of Sound

Our mission is to create the best background music. Every track is a product of meticulous research and refinement to ensure the highest quality and relevance. Download free background music on LesFM to make your project stand out. 

4. Simple to Use 

Finding the perfect track is easy. Filter your search by genre, artist, title, mood, or pacing. Alternatively, just use the suggestion buttons on our home page! This is your ultimate destination for background music free download!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Royalty-free Music?

These are tracks for unlimited use without royalties or license fees. LesFM offers a rich multi-genre library. Download and use any files you like for free, or become a patron to monetize the content and include it in paid advertising. You can also purchase a license for each track you want to use in a monetized clip

Where Can I Use LesFM Music?

Our free mp3 background music may be used on social media platforms, applications, sites, blogs, podcasts, TV, and radio shows. Use our background music on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitter, and other networks. Unless you want to monetize your content, our music is absolutely free!

Can I Use LesFM Tracks on Youtube?

Yes! You can use our stock music tracks and sound effects for any creative projects — just remember to credit us in the description. Check our licensing policy for monetization details. Note that you may receive a copyright claim, but this is merely a formality. Unless you want to monetize the clip, you may do nothing. Your work will not be deleted, and the claim will not affect the search algorithm either. 

Monetizing the content requires becoming a patron or purchasing our collection on Fiverr. Your channel will then be added to the whitelist, which will resolve the issue. You may also share revenue with the publisher if you are a member of the YouTube Partner Program.

Do I Need to Credit Lesfm If I Use Its Files?

We hope you do! Remember to include LesFM in the credits in the video description (Music by Lesfm. Track “Title of Song”). What we do not allow is claiming the audio tracks as your own, selling them, or remixing without the consent of the author. 

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