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Royalty-Free Summer Music

Here you can find and download no copyright summer background music for your videos. Free download 320 kbps mp3 from LesFM.

Discover the most fascinating summer beats on LesFM. We make authentic music for content creators, and our tracks are found on all popular platforms, from Facebook to Tik Tok. Download high-quality mp3 files for free and make your projects exceptional with royalty-free summer music! LesFM has excellent uplifting music for the season! 

How to Download Royalty Free Summer Music

All tracks made by LesFM can be downloaded for free. Use our happy summer background music for any projects from YouTube videos to podcasts to ads. We also have a simple licensing system for monetized content. Here is how this works. 

  1. Go to our homepage to access the genre menu. 
  2. Click on the ‘summer’ button under the search field or use the search options. You can also filter our tracks by mood, genre, and pacing (BPM). 
  3. Listen to any tracks you like to find the ideal summer background music.
  4. Click on the download icon next to the track to view your options. 
  5. Choose ‘free download’ for automatic download to your PC, or click on “commercial use” if you want to integrate our content into monetized YouTube videos. This link will take you to Patreon. 

Our copyright-free summer music eliminates many barriers. You do not have to pay a royalty fee or buy a license for every uploaded project. The tracks are absolutely free for non-commercial use (with credits), and monetization is simple with our clear pricing options. There is an option for everyone!

Summer Background Music for Videos and Social Media

LesFM has warm sunny dance beats for any creative challenge. You can use our music on social media and websites, in podcasts and ads. Our tracks have been featured on every major platform, from Instagram to Twitter. We have a special offer for YouTubers who want to use our summer vibes for monetized videos. LesFm offers a simple summer music download that will help you rise to the top of the social media rankings!

Your support inspires us, and we ask you to credit us in the description of your clip. This can be as simple as “Music by Lesfm. Track “Title”. This requirement has two exceptions — if you become our patron or purchase a license for the tracks. We do not allow users to present the audio files as their own, sell them, or make remixes without permission from the author.

Users who gain profit from their content may support us on Patreon, which involves a monthly fee. This gives access to 50+ tracks plus eight new arrivals monthly. Alternatively, you may purchase our collection on Fiverr for a modest one-time payment. This will unlock over 50 tracks for instant download. Finally, you may buy a license for tracks separately.

YouTubers who use our files in non-monetized videos do not need a license, but they should add the required credits. While LesFM provides content on a royalty-free basis, you may still receive a copyright claim. This is merely a formality and does not require any action unless the video is monetized.

Why Get Copyright-Free Summer Music From Lesfm?

As summer beats are found on so many sites, what makes LesFM different? First, we create all of the content we share, and every track is the result of thoughtful and meticulous work. Secondly, we guarantee the high quality of our summer background music for videos. Forget generic themes and make your work special with our warm delightful melodies. At LesFM, you will find:

Rich Choice

Discover an abundance of music tailored to creative projects! Aside from the mix of soft summer beats and chill tracks, we offer a spectacular assortment of genres, moods, and instruments! The LesFM library is a multifaceted selection of the finest sounds, from rock to lofi to orchestral! We also offer special options like tracks for trailers, cinematic music, horror, and more.

Music That Makes an Impact

Music is an art, not mechanical assembly. We are dedicated to creating inspiring and emotionally charged content. Our summer royalty-free music is designed to engage. Build a stronger connection with your viewers and make the content memorable with our sweet cloudless themes! Set a bright uplifting mood to create a captivating atmosphere, get more likes, and gain more followers! 

Only Excellent Quality 

All of our stock music is available as mp3 files with the highest bitrate — 320 kbps. Every melody is a result of painstaking research and dedicated work. We refine every track to perfection, as our mission is to make LesFM the biggest platform for content creators. 

Music That Is Easy to Use and Share

The policy of LesFM is simple: use any files for free or become a patron to monetize your content. You may also purchase a license for each track or a collection of our music on Fiverr. You cannot find a better source of summer background music no-copyright files. Our team is committed to excellence, and our tracks have been featured in thousands of projects!

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