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Music is an essential component of creative projects. It is a powerful stress reliever, as it affects both the emotions and the body. An unhurried tempo quiets the mind and releases tension. In videos, slow-paced music sets the mood, underscores the message of the speaker, and accentuates the key moments. Combined with an inspiring narrative, it can make the viewers feel more positive about life

If you are searching for the best soothing tracks, you are in the right place. LesFM offers tranquil sounds that can be used in social media videos and other digital projects. Our growing collection of relaxing royalty-free music will not disappoint you. Start exploring today and make your content more memorable and effective!

How to Arrange Relaxing Music Free Download

Get unique peaceful music for any digital pursuits in just a few clicks. The LesFM library has an abundance of soundtracks for social media, commercials, and other applications. Here is how to find the best serene music for your needs. Our website is optimized for mobile use, so you can browse it from any tablet or smartphone if necessary.

  1. From our home page, filter the collection in a convenient way. You can use the genre and mood buttons, click on a specific tag, enter ‘relaxing’ into the search field, or adjust the filters under it. Sort the tracks by relevance, price, name, newness, etc.
  2. Listen to any audio files by LesFM — deep ambient, slow-tempo piano, soothing nature sounds, and other music — to find your favorite.
  3. Click on the download button to the right of the track title to access the menu.
  4. Choose ‘free download’ to use the file for non-commercial purposes, or select one of the commercial options from the menu (Patreon, Fiverr,separate licenses). Your download will start immediately. As long as the project is not monetized, all of the audio tracks are free!

Copyright-free Relaxing Background Music for Any Purpose

Do you need some calming instrumental music to accompany a guided meditation, a lecture on mindfulness, or a yoga workout? Use our collection of relaxing music free downloads! Choose from peaceful acoustics, relaxing electronics, minimalistic piano, and many other aesthetic options. All music on LesFM may be used for profitable and non-monetized projects. 

Incorporate our popular tracks into your non-commercial clip for free. The only condition for relaxing music free download is to include simple credits in the video description (for example, “Music Track by — Title”). Creators of monetized clips should pick one of the licensing options (being our patron, purchasing our Fiverr collection, or getting a license for a particular track). 

LesFM’s mission is to become the ultimate source of background music on the internet. We are committed to providing only the best quality of soundtracks for any project. Our exclusive selection of free relaxing music downloads is a result of non-stop research and creation. We polish every track and offer MP3 files of the highest quality (320 Mbps) for commercial usage we have wav format. Please note that we do not allow our users to resell the tracks, use them without credits, or remix without our consent. 

Benefits of Copyright-Free Relaxing Music

LesFM offers a premium collection of no-copyright relaxing music that will make your content shine by setting a calming atmosphere. Whether you are looking for sounds of nature, relaxing piano, or the best instrumental sounds to accompany meditations, LesFM has everything you need. Here are the biggest strengths:

1. Rich Choice

Our stock collection is comprehensive. Relaxing background music is only a fraction of the library, which offers dozens of moods and genres. The library is continuously updated, as we keep up with the latest trends in content creation to produce tracks. Download emotional ambient music, soothing chillout, or lofi ukulele, and explore other styles.

2. Reliable Quality

In content creation, the quality of sound can make or break a project. At LesFM, you will not find tracks with less than 320 Mbps. This variation of the MP3 format prevents losses due to compression, so our ready-made soundtracks are suitable for projects of any level, from amateur tutorials to TV commercials.

3. Clear Policy

Are you looking for calm music to enhance your non-commercial project? The entire collection is at your disposal free of charge! We will only ask you to include the credentials in the description. Our conditions for copyright-free relaxing music are clear and simple. 

Creators of monetized videos can choose a convenient option according to their budget and needs. LesFM has a flexible policy — you can become our patron, download a 50-track collection, or buy a license for each track. Our free relaxation music downloads mp3 is truly universal.

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