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Royalty-Free Lofi Background Music for Download

Here you can find and download no copyright lofi background music for your videos. Free download 320 kbps mp3 from LesFM.

Are you looking for excellent lofi music to add to your video or podcast? LesFM is a superior collection of high-quality soundtracks. We create royalty free lofi for social media, websites, and ads. Spice up your projects with contemporary tracks that sound warm, relaxing, and authentic! If you are looking for lofi background music free download, you are in the right place. LesFM has a lot to offer. 

What Type of Music Is Lofi?

Lofi stands for low fidelity. This type of music originated in the 1950s, during the era of rock and roll when ‘cheap and quick’ became acceptable. In lofi, imperfections like misplayed notes or interferences are an aesthetic choice. It was pioneered by artists like the Beach Boys, R. Stevie Moore, and Paul McCartney. 

It took the genre decades to take shape. The term was popularized in the mid-1980s by DJ William Berger, but it was not until the 1990s that lofi really took off. It achieved worldwide recognition when alternative music was in fashion. Today, it is widely used in videos, podcasts, and other content to set a warm and soothing tone. 

Many lofi tracks are low tempo, and they include jazz and hip hop elements. You can also hear beats from retro music, which makes these tracks sound so inviting. In the 2010s, a special subtype — “lo-fi hip hop” or “chillhop” became popular on YouTube. This is a perfect choice for background music. 

At LesFM, you can find a rich collection of stock lofi sounds crafted specaially for creative projects. Our lofi background music no-copyright is found on social media, YouTube, podcasts, and ads. Follow our guide below to find superb lofi.

How Does No-Copyright Lofi Music Download Work?

Our users can download any tracks for free and use them in their projects. Unless you want to monetize the content, the entire collection is at your disposal free of charge. YouTubers may use any of our music, but monetization requires becoming a patron, purchasing a license for each track, or downloading the collection on Fiverr. All of the options are reasonably priced. 

Here is how to get superb tracks from our library. We have made no copyright lofi music download quick and simple. 

  1. Go to our home page.
  2. Use the search options or click the lofi button under the search field. You can also search by title/artist/genre, as well as category, mood, and pacing (bpm).
  3. Find the track you need and click on the download icon next to it. 
  4. Choose the suitable download option to get lofi music copyright-free (free download or commercial options).

While non-commercial use is free, we ask all users to credit LesFM in the descriptions of their videos. This may look like “Music by Lesfm. Track “Title of Song”. Our policy does not allow claiming our music as your own, selling it, or making remixes without the author’s consent. Credits are mandatory unless you are our patron or have purchased a license. 

Why Choose Copyright Free Lofi From Lesfm?

Here, at LesFM, we are passionate about providing high-quality music for content creators. We create unique tracks that will quench your aesthetic thirst. Feel free to explore our ever-growing collection and download any file you like. The library covers a broad spectrum of genres, moods, and instruments. One of its highlights is lofi background music.

Rich Choice

Aside from copyright-free lofi of the highest quality, we have everything from frantic rock to soothing ukulele. Whether you need some heartwarming lofi, elegant jazz, or calm ambient, you are bound to find the ideal track here. We are passionate about all music genres and make music for every taste.

Create an Emotional Connection

Brilliant music is more than a soundtrack. It evokes emotions, allowing you to connect to the viewers on a deeper level. It makes your content more memorable. LesFM has an audio track for every state of mind. There is romantic, upbeat, energetic, sentimental, extreme music, and more! We do not limit our creativity to the most conventional options. How about some jazz hop, epic trailer tracks, or elevator soundtracks?

Excellent Quality 

To make engaging and impressive content, you need high-quality sound. LesFM provides free lofi background music of the best quality. Every mp3 track we share is the result of thorough research and thoughtful creation. Only the highest bitrate — 320kbps MP3. We keep up with the trends to deliver relevant music that gives projects character. 

Simple to Use 

Finding the perfect track for your clip is easy. LesFM allows you to filter searches by genre, artist, title, mood, or pacing. Alternatively, just use the mood and genre buttons on our home page! All of the files are free for non-commercial use, and licenses are reasonably priced. This is your ultimate destination for background music free download!

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