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Discover Powerful Guitar Background Music on LesFM

Guitar background music can create a dazzling array of moods: meditative, romantic, uplifting, tense, even humorous! LesFM has the ideal soundtrack for your digital project. Our premium collection features royalty-free tracks created by professionals. Non-commercial use is absolutely free, and acquiring music for profitable projects has never been easier! 

We take pride in our collection, which has already been used for over 28,000 monetized videos! Discover high-quality electric or acoustic guitar background music for any mood, and establish a deeper emotional connection to your audience! These tracks have been played 53+ million times and counting!

How to Download Guitar Background Music No Copyright

The LesFM collection is easy to navigate from any device, and it never stops growing. Browse through 150+ unique tracks using a computer, tablet or smartphone. All of the files, including guitar background music no copyright, were created by professionals for professionals and content enthusiasts. If you want to enhance your clip, commercial or movie with classy guitar vibes, find everything you need in our royalty-free library. You are just a few clicks away from the perfect soundtrack!

This page shows the full list of free guitar background music tracks created by the LesFM team. You can also access them from the homepage by clicking on the mood or genre buttons, typing your query in the search field, or using the filter. The options also include search by instrument (for example, to find electric guitar background music) or pace (for example, less than 80 BPM). 

  • Listen to any tracks online free of charge. Our player works in all popular desktop and mobile browsers, so you can always compare files on the go.
  • Click on the red “Download” button for the track you need. It will redirect you to our menu with commercial and non-commercial access options. 
  • If you are not going to monetize the creative project, click on the “Free Download” button to get the track instantly. Find out about the commercial options below.

Guitar Background Music for Videos: Simple Rules and Access

Use our tracks to drive your message home and make a stronger impression on the audience. LesFM will help you get more likes, views, and shares on social media! We create acoustic and electric guitar background music for videos conveying a wide spectrum of emotions. Whether you are working on a YouTube tutorial or a movie, you will appreciate the choice and convenience! 

Any files shared by LesFM can be integrated into a non-commercial project free of charge. However, we do require credits, so be sure to mention us in the description (for example, “Music by LesFM — Title”). Follow our simple rules, and you will not see any copyright claims. Please note that our music may not be remixed without permission or resold.

You may also integrate our music into any profitable projects on the internet, TV or radio commercials, advertisements, and even movies. This requires one of the three licensing options. First, you could purchase each audio file separately. Secondly, we offer an exclusive collection on Fiverr with over 50 unique tracks. Finally, you could become our supporter via Patreon and get 8 new tracks every month in addition to 50+ files from the collection. 

Our Benefits

royalty free guitar music

LesFM is no ordinary MP3 collection. All of the files we share are unique, as they are created by our team specially for content makers. This explains the unique benefits:

1. Spectacular Choice

Our exclusive collection offers music in dozens of moods and genres. You can find an ideal track for any occasion, clip or project. Whether you are searching for some heartwarming Christmas tunes, aggressive guitar solo background music, upbeat ukulele, or nostalgic retro vibes, this is your one-stop shop. 

Use our convenient navigation and search options to find exactly what you need in a few taps or clicks. All of our tracks are free for non-commercial use with credits, and licensing is simple!

2. Excellent Quality

As professionals, we understand the importance of high bitrate. All of the tracks in our library are MP3 files in the 320 kbps format. Minimized compression guarantees the best quality for any creative pursuits, professional or non-professional.

3. Simple Policy

Content creators appreciate our simple and flexible policy for commercial use. To integrate any stock file into a monetized video, you need a license from our site. We offer three options: purchasing a file separately, buying a collection on Fiverr, and becoming our patron. Forget about recurring royalty payments. Pay once, and use the tracks as long as you like! If you are not going to use the project for profit, all we ask for is credits!

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