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Royalty-Free Epic Music for Content Creators — Premium Collection on LesFM

Are you a content creator looking for the best royalty-free epic music? LesFM has everything you need. Our mission is to provide top-quality soundtracks for digital projects, both profitable and non-commercial. LesFM delivers an impressive diversity of genres and moods. We have everything from ambient to jazz to lo-fi. If you need some uplifting and powerful music for compelling videos, start exploring our library today!

How to Download Epic Background Music

The music must compliment your video and accentuate its strengths. You are only a few clicks away from the perfect soundtrack! Our advanced search options ensure convenience to use on any screen. Browse this popular collection from your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can listen to any of the tracks online and download them instantly. Here is how to do it:

  1. Start from the LesFM homepage. To find epic music, you may click on the corresponding mood buttons, genre buttons, or all tags. Alternatively, type “epic” in the search field or adjust the filtering options underneath it. We also allow filtering by newness, price, or title. Finally, you could specify a BPM rate.
  2. Listen to any tracks online free of charge. The player works in any browser. 
  3. Once you find what you were looking for, click on the red download button, which is found to the right of the track title.
  4. In the download menu, choose the “free download” option if you do not intend to monetize the video. Otherwise, select a convenient licensing model from the list. The file will be downloaded in seconds, so you can add it to your video immediately. 

All epic background music from our site may be integrated into any creative project on social media and across the internet. Provided that the video is not used for profit, no fees apply. We only ask our users to mention us in the description of their clips. The credits could be simple (for example, “music by — track title”). 

Creators of commercial projects should purchase a license. Our policy is simple and transparent. We offer separate licenses for each track, a collection on Fiverr (50+ tracks), and membership on Patreon. If you become our patron, you will be entitled to 100 tracks + 8 new arrivals monthly.

Royalty-Free Epic Music for Videos

Professionals who find epic copyright-free music on LesFM appreciate the diversity and convenience of our collection. Mobile optimization and advanced filtering facilitate the search, so you can find the ideal track for your project in seconds. Create a remarkable atmosphere and establish a stronger connection to the target audience. The right soundtrack will help you gain more likes, views, and shares. 

Our epic music for video is suitable for any digital content, from short clips to ads to movies. Check our simple licensing policy to select the best value for money. Or if you do not plan to monetize the project, all of the files are absolutely free! LesFM is the ultimate source of epic non-copyrighted music for beginners and pros.

Do you have any questions about our collection, interface, or payment options? Feel free to contact us at any time! Music creation is our passion, and we are always glad to help. 

The LesFM team is constantly monitoring the trends to produce relevant content. Our goal is to help talented creators rise to the top. This free epic music will help you get noticed in the wildly competitive digital space. Learn more about our epic music free download below.

Benefits of Intense Background Music on LesFM

Content creators need exclusive music that makes an impact and helps them connect to their audience on a deeper level. With LesFM, you can achieve different goals at once. Set an uplifting atmosphere to drive your message home and affect the viewer on a deep emotional level. Our audio collection is comprehensive, as it covers a plethora of genres and moods.

1. Rich Choice

Aside from intense background music, we offer a broad spectrum of other genres and moods. The collection features unique soundtracks for any occasion and purpose, from tranquil piano to elegant energetic music for action movies.

2. Excellent Quality for Professional Use

All of our intense music no-copyright tracks are available as MP3 files in the 320 Mbps format. This makes them suitable for projects of any level and scope, from amateur clips to professional videos by social media celebrities.

3. Simple Licensing for Social Media

We understand that the needs of different users vary. Our licensing policy for intense music royalty-free tracks accommodates various goals, as it offers maximized flexibility. You could buy a license for every stock track individually, purchase a collection of 50+ tracks on Fiverr, or support us via Patreon to get 50 tracks and 8 arrivals monthly.

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