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Energetic Background Music on LesFM — Superior Collection for Content Creators

Do you need invigorating music for your project? LesFM has the perfect soundtracks for popular videos, and non-commercial use is absolutely free! We have a massive collection of energetic background music, from electrifying dance beats to feel-good retro! Enjoy hassle-free integration of inspiring tracks into any profitable project, from YouTube tutorials to movies. Diversity, excellent sound quality, and flexible policy make LesFM a superior choice!

How to Download Energetic Music

On LesFM, you will find the ideal exclusive track in a few clicks. This page lists all relevant tracks, but you can also find them using the homepage menu. Browse by genre, instruments, mood or tags, and use the search filter to sift through energetic background music

  1. Listen to any tracks for free on your browser or mobile device. 
  2. After finding what you need, click on the download button next to the track to choose a suitable license option (Patreon, Fiverr, Amazon or free non-commercial use) 
  3. Download the 320 kbps file in a fraction of a second and use it for your clip! 

Energetic Background Music for Creative Projects

royalty free energetic music

We provide inspiring soundtracks, including energetic music, for any creative projects, from YouTube videos to ads to podcasts. Discover elevating, invigorating and hopeful tunes composed by professionals. Use them on Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, and other social media sites or across the web. Here is how our simple licenses work:

  • Non-commercial use is free — we only ask you to include credits in the description, such as “Music by LesFM — Title”. Use any tracks you like for any creative pursuits! 
  • To integrate our music into commercial creative projects, choose a convenient licensing option. Aside from buying each track separately, you may become our regular supporter on Patreon or purchase a 50+ track collection on Fiverr. Our patrons get access to 50+ tracks immediately and receive 8 new tracks per month.

Benefits of Downloading from LesFM

LesFM has a premium collection of uplifting melodies. Here, finding a suitable track is a breeze! We have made downloading and using our audio files as simple as possible. Discover three biggest strengths of creating energetic background for your project with LesFM:

1. Ever-growing Collection

Creating music in a plethora of genres is our passion, and we are focused on incessant exploration. We keep up with the latest trends to release tracks that make an impact. Our selection of energetic beats is growing all the time, and you can also explore dozens of other options. Click on the genre buttons to access any popular style, use the search field or check out our playlists. At LesFM, you can find everything from vibrant electronics to uplifting folk.

2. Simple Licensing

You are free to use any of the tracks from our library. Integrate them into your non-commercial projects easily — we only ask for credits in the video description. Creators of monetized projects may choose from different licensing systems — a one-time payment for each track, a separate collection on Fiverr, or support via Patreon. Enjoy lifetime access at a reasonable price! Please note that remixing our tracks requires permission, and we do not allow reselling.

3. Unwavering Quality

Inferior quality can make the most fantastic high energy background tracks unsuitable for media projects. We are committed to excellence, so all of the stock files in our collection are 320 kbps mp3s. We adhere to the golden bitrate standard, so you need not worry about compression.

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