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Here you can find and download no copyright corporate background music for your videos. Free download 320 kbps mp3 from LesFM.

Royalty Free Corporate Background Music Free Download

Corporate background music usually created for employees or shareholders of the business to create the feeling of one team It could be used in advertisement to increase awareness of the company. Music for powerpoint presentation is type of music that used in business presentations. 

royalty free corporate music

Corporate background music  is listed above. Use these background music in your video projects, youtube, instagram, tiktok etc…

If you are looking for impressive corporate background music, LesFM is the place to go. We have a refined collection of unique music tailored to the needs of companies. We support both profitable and non-monetized use. Are you looking for a soundtrack to a training clip, a presentation, or an ad? Whatever your industry, your perfect music is here. We have a clear licensing policy, so you will have peace of mind knowing that your content will be perfectly legit.

What Defines the Corporate Royalty-Free Music Genre?

Today, every successful brand uses digital media — not only to drive sales, but also to attract new hires, describe the company’s history, boost morale, provide training, explain workflows to B2B partners, and more. Corporate royalty-free music suits these internal purposes. 

Such videos are produced for very different goals, but they have one thing in common — their soundtracks must be on brand and on point. LesFM has hundreds of music files that can resonate with your corporate identity. Discover a premium source of corporate background music free download mp3!

If you really want your message to be heard, do not let music take a backseat. Our impactful soundtracks will help you set the mood to accentuate your corporate values and mission. For example, a fun-loving tech startup could express its creative personality with an upbeat track, while a legacy financial planner is likely to choose a confident and powerful tune. With royalty-free corporate background music by LesFM, you will establish the right tone for your interactions with customers or employees.

How to Download No-Copyright Corporate Background Music

Our popular collection is free for personal use, and it never fails to impress. Unless you monetize the content, your access is unlimited. To use the files for profitable videos, become our patron, support us on Fiverr, or purchase any tracks you like separately. Here is how to find the best music for your project, be it a motivational video for the team, a persuasive presentation for a partner, or content for your social media feed:

  1. Click on the genre/mood shortcuts on our homepage to search through hundreds of tracks, or use the filtering options to find a specific genre, title or BPM. You can also use the genre or mood playlists accessible from the side menu
  2. Play as many of the audio files online as you like and click on the download button next to the track you want to download.
  3. Choose free download for non-monetized use of royalty free music for corporate videos or select the commercial options. The latter include membership on Patreon, Fiverr, and separate licenses for individual tracks. Visit our FAQ section to learn more.
  4. Incorporate our music into your video to make it more impactful, compelling, or engaging. If you choose no copyright corporate background music, remember to credit LesFM in the description. Although our content is free, we do not allow users to present it as their own, resell or remix without permission.

Why Choose LesFM?

LesFM is no ordinary collection of tracks. All of our audio content is unique, and it is distributed on both a commercial and unmonetized basis. You cannot find a better source of copyright-free corporate music! Here is why.

1. Music for Any Industry

Our ever-growing library has every genre and mood you may seek, from uplifting beats to motivational vibes. All of the tracks are exclusive as they are created by us, and the collection is growing continually. You are guaranteed to find the soundtrack that suits your corporate personality spot-on. There are three ways to navigate to the collection – using filtered search, playlists, or the genre and mood buttons on the homepage.

2. Impeccable Quality

Compelling videos for corporate use require flawless soundtracks. All of the music created by LesFM is stored in the best MP3 format — 320 kilobytes per second. This is the golden standard, so you should not worry about the loss of quality due to compression. LesFM was created by professionals for professionals. Your satisfaction is our priority.

3. Simple Navigation and Use

Our website offers simple navigation and clear licensing options. As long as your content is not used for profit and includes the required credits, the soundtracks are absolutely free. To use the music for commercial purposes (for example, to make monetized content on YouTube), you need to choose one of our licensing options. 

Browse through hundreds of stock files on your PC, laptop, or smartphone, listen to them online, and download any royalty-free corporate music that inspires you. Finding the right video soundtrack has never been easier!

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