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Find the Perfect Background Music for Movies on LesFM

Discover a superior collection of background music for movies on LesFM. Our exclusive library of royalty-free tracks covers a broad spectrum of emotions. We offer poignant, uplifting, hopeful, dark, and inspirational soundtracks for any digital project. Make your movie scenes more forceful and memorable by adding unique music created by our team. Accentuate dramatic, cheerful, or suspenseful moments. Whatever the goal, your perfect soundtrack is here on LesFM. 

How to Download Movie Background Music

LesFM makes finding, downloading, and using excellent soundtracks for your clip convenient and fast. You are only a few clicks away from powerful audio tracks for social media, commercials, or other applications. Our website is fully optimized for mobile use — open it from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Here is how to get unique music easily.

  • Use the search features on the homepage to find cinematic music. You can click on one of the genre buttons, view all tags, enter ‘cinematic’ in the search field or use the filtering options under it. LesFM also lets you find music by the instrument — for example, piano or strings.
  • Listen to the files for free in any browser to find a suitable audio track with movie background music
  • Click on the red download button, which is located to the right of every track title.
  • Click on the “free download” button if you do not intend to monetize the video, or pick one of the licensing options from our menu.

The MP3 file will be downloaded to your device. All of our tracks are available with 320 Mbps quality, which guarantees excellence. If you are going to use our movie background music free tracks for non-commercial projects, please include credits in the description (e.g., “Music by LesFM — Title”). Note that we do not allow reselling of our music or remixing it without permission. 

Content professionals appreciate our convenient options for commercial purposes. They include support via Patreon, a special collection of tracks on Fiverr for a one-time payment, and separate licenses for individual tracks. Becoming a patron will get you over 50 tracks and 8 new arrivals monthly. You do not have to pay a recurring fee if you do not need comprehensive access — Fiverr will let you download over 50 tracks at once. 

Action Movie Background Music for Movies or Videos

In movies, music serves different functions. It helps the creators elicit an emotional response from the audience. It creates a rhythm to segments and scenes. It comments on the action. The best cinematic music becomes as iconic as the movies it is heard in. Professionals also define these soundtracks as underscoring, and for a good reason.

Our action movie background music will add to the mood of the scene, reinforce dramatic developments and aspects of the characters. It will move the action forward and reinforce the impact. Add our tracks to your video project for free, or choose one of our convenient licensing systems to make a profit.

Benefits of Our Background Music for Short Films

Looking for cinematic background music? LesFM has everything you need. We take pride in our ever-growing collection and keep it updated. Set the right mood with a soundtrack that matches your creative content perfectly. We offer music for any situation, from growing suspense and wild chases to romance and happy endings.

1. Rich Collection That Never Stops Growing

LesFM was created by a team passionate about the art of background music. The music trends are changing rapidly, and we are constantly researching the industry to come up with ideal tracks for popular movies, including background music for short films. Whether you want to create tension, make a scene more poignant, amplify the impact of an epic chase, or emphasize a tragic or victorious ending, we have what you need.

2. Excellent Quality of Sound

All of the tracks in our collection are 320 Mbps files. This is the golden standard for MP3 soundtracks. No need to worry about quality losses due to compression. As our collection is tailored to the needs of professional content creators, satisfaction is guaranteed. Any of the stock files can be seamlessly integrated into your cinematic project.

3. Flexible Licensing Options

Our policy is transparent. We allow unlimited use of our music for any non-commercial purposes — just remember to credit us in the description. The requirements are simple and clear.

Creators of monetized content may choose between several models — becoming our patron, purchasing a Fiverr collection, or buying a license for each track separately. When you click on the download button next to the track you like, you will be presented with all available options. Getting impactful cinematic music is easy, as it only requires a few clicks.

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