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Discover Acoustic Background Music on LesFM for Any Digital Project

Are you a content creator looking for a fresh instrumental soundtrack? Our acoustic background music will help you captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression. Stand out from the social media crowd to get more views and shares! This premium collection of stock music was created for influencers, aspiring bloggers, and media professionals. Non-monetized use does not require any licenses, and adding tracks to profitable projects is a breeze

How to Download Acoustic Instrumental Music

LesFM meets the needs of enthusiasts and content creation experts. You can find the perfect soundtrack easily — just use the list on this page or browse our growing library. Explore the mood or genre menus, filter by instrument or pace, or type your query in the search field. 

We guarantee smooth navigation in any browser, and you can listen to all tracks for free! With LesFM, getting a perfect soundtrack is as easy as 1-2-3. Here is how to download acoustic instrumental files:

  • Listen to any of our files online as long as necessary. Our website is fully optimized for mobile use, so you can search for files and play them from any tablet or smartphone. After choosing the perfect track for your clip, click on the red “Download” button to view your access options.
  • If your project will not be monetized, get royalty-free acoustic music immediately by clicking on the “Free Download” button. Otherwise, choose one of the licensing options for the track to enjoy lifetime access. Find out more about our flexible commercial policy below. 

Royalty-Free Acoustic Music for Creative Projects

Music is an organic part of any successful media project. It lets creators set a specific atmosphere, reinforce their message and leave an indelible impression. Without a soundtrack, any video is bland. Thanks to LesFM, powerful acoustic music is always at your fingertips! Despite their seeming simplicity, these tracks can evoke strong emotions, engage your audience and help you garner millions of views! 

Our policy for commercial and non-commercial use is simple and transparent. As long as the project is non-commercial, you are free to download and integrate any of our files. All we ask for is credits in the description. It may be brief — for example, “Music by LesFM — Title”. You should not receive any copyright claims from us, and our team is always there to help in case of any questions.

Professional creators who make a profit from their work should choose one of the commercial options. First, they may purchase acoustic instrumental mp3 tracks one by one. Secondly, we have an exclusive collection on Fiverr with 50+ audio files. Finally, users who become our patrons via Patreon get instant access to 50+ tracks and 8 new tracks every month. You will never be charged for the same files! 

Advantages of LesFM Music for Your Projects

LesFM has free acoustic instrumentals for any taste and a plethora of other options! Our diverse collection is ever-growing, and we never stop creating new tracks. This website reflects our passion for music and commitment to excellence. We find inspiration in the latest trends and stick to the highest quality standards. Create an acoustic music background with LesFM, and take advantage of the following benefits:

1. Rich Choice

Our team is constantly exploring new genres, moods and instruments to offer a multifaceted selection of relevant tracks. This music resonates with the contemporary audience. It is suitable for any digital project, from video tutorials to podcasts to TV ads. Here, you will find everything from light-hearted lounge to laid-back lo-fi to dramatic music for trailers.

2. High Quality of Sound

Compression is crucial for sound quality. All of the files on LesFM have a 320 kbps bitrate regardless of commercial or non-commercial use. This encoding standard makes them suitable for any professional projects, as well as amateur pursuits. No need to worry about quality — we guarantee it!

3. Simple Licensing Logic

Visitors who need music for non-monetized projects (such as a Tik Tok clip) can incorporate any of our audio files for free. In this case, there are no fees or recurring charges. We only ask for simple credits in the video description. Over 150 files are a click or a tap away, free of charge!

The commercial options are diverse to suit the needs of a broad professional audience. You can purchase music track by track, buy our exclusive collection on Fiverr or become a patron via Patreon (see above). Finding a soundtrack for profitable digital projects has never been easier! 

In case of any questions, check out to our team. Contact us by email or via social media! You can find LesFM on all popular platforms, from Instagram to SoundCloud. Music is our passion, and we are always glad to help!

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