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Discover Royalty-Free Retro Music from LesFM to Make Your Project Shine!

LesFM presents a premium collection of royalty-free retro music for any taste. Find charming nostalgic soundtracks for your creative project, be it a YouTube video, an Instagram reel, or a podcast! Take a trip down memory lane with these enchanting vintage music background tunes. Create an unforgettable atmosphere for your audience without complicated fees or annoying copyright claims! This music will never go out of style!

How to Download Vintage Music Backgrounds

Here at LesFM, we are passionate about content creation. Explore our royalty free old music and explore a plethora of other genres and moods for any digital project! This website is fully optimized for tablets and smartphones, as your convenience is our priority. Browse it on the go, wherever you are! 

Creating a retro atmosphere has never been easier. Navigate our collection from any screen, and download excellent music that evokes the good old days. This is as easy as 1-2-3! You are only a few clicks away from your ideal soundtrack:

  1. This page lists all retro tracks created by LesFM. You can also find other background music by clicking on the mood or genre buttons, using the search field or filter. We even allow search by pace! Check out our special playlists, too!
  2. Listen to any vintage music backgrounds matching your search criteria. You can do it for free on any device. 
  3. After finding the ideal soundtrack, click on the red “Download” button next to it. It will take you to the menu with options for commercial and non-commercial use. Use old music free download or choose one of our licensing schemes. LesFM tracks may be purchased separately or as part of a collection.
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Using Retro Royalty-Free Music for Creative Projects

LesFM is an exclusive collection tailored to the needs of content makers. Use our unique tracks to make your digital projects stand out and get more likes and shares! Enhance your videos, podcasts, or ads with classy retro vibes that never get old. We are committed to excellence and provide only the highest MP3 quality.

LesFM has hundreds of tracks in dozens of genres. Explore our ever-growing library from any desktop or mobile screen! Our impressive oldies are exactly what you need to set an engaging nostalgic atmosphere. 

  • If you do not intend to monetize the clip, click on the “free download” button in the File menu. Get retro royalty-free music in a fraction of a second! We have only one requirement — mentioning us in the project description. Credit LesFM with just a few words (for example, “Music by LesFM — Title”). As long as the project is non-commercial and does not include remixing or reselling of our copyright-free old music, there will be no questions asked.
  • Commercial use of royalty-free vintage music requires a license. Our system is flexible: you can purchase tracks separately, become our supporter on Patreon, or buy a 50+ track collection on Fiverr. Our Patrons got instant access to 50+ tracks and 8 new files every month. In case of any questions, get in touch with us by email, or via social media!

Benefits of LesFM Collection

Our mission is to provide unique soundtracks that content experts can use easily and safely. We have been working in the music industry since 2004! Extensive knowledge and experience let us create popular retro melodies that resonate with contemporary audiences. Here, you will always find fresh high-quality music reminiscent of the ‘60s, ‘70s, and other classy decades. 

  • Rich Collection

Old background music constitutes a fraction of our library, which includes 150+ tracks and counting. They have been used in over 28,000 monetized videos and played online over 53 million times! Search by mood, genre, instrument, or other tags. We also offer special collections for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok. 

  • Only the Highest Quality

The compression of MP3 files causes a loss of quality. We stick to the 320 kbps standard to deliver the best sound for any project, commercial or non-commercial. All of the audio files meet these quality requirements.

  • Simple Licensing Policy

Creators of non-commercial projects can use our vintage stock music for free with credits, without fees. We only ask them to credit us in the description. For use in monetized videos, choose one of our licensing methods. You could purchase each track separately, buy a collection on Fiverr or become our regular supporter on Patreon.

  • Commitment to Excellence 

The LesFM team is passionate about music creation, and we pride ourselves on the quality and scope of our library. We keep an eye on the music industry trends to offer unique tracks that strike a chord with almost everyone. Make your digital projects more compelling and memorable with a heartwarming retro background!

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