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Why You Need to Use These Retro Tracks in Your YouTube Videos

From old fashion to classic cars to legendary films and TV shows, everyone has fond memories of things they owned, watched, or listened to in the past. Nostalgia has a timeless value. It can lift people spirits up, as they remember simpler, happier days.

Throughout music, there has been a retro resurgence. Whether its a renewed interest in vinyl and cassette tapes, or the ’80’s synth-heavy sounds dominating the pop charts, or the revival of nu- metal from the early 2000’s, there is a hunger for nostalgia amongst music fans.

Video creators on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok know how effective being nostalgic can be for their viewers. Using retro music in your videos can simply broadened the aim of a clip, appealing to anyone of a different age, or with different interest. Retro music isn’t tied down to one type of genre.

As our growing list of tracks in the LES Music Library shows, retro music can span across various styles and be used for a variety of different videos.

Happy - CD cover by LesFM

‘Happy Funky’ instantly reminds us of the soul and funk legends such as James Brown, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder. With its blues guitar, brass instrumental blasts, rhythmic bass groove, and soulful chord progression, ‘Happy Funky’ is heavily influenced from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

The influence of funk and soul can be heard across various genres; disco, hip-hop, R&B, and more.

If you’re a YouTuber looking for licence-free music to use for your compilation of basketball tricks, your latest travel vlog, or just want something fun, retro, and upbeat, then ‘Happy Funky’ is the perfect fit.

Guitars and violin - CD cover by LesFM

As we said earlier, it is not just music that has seen a wave of nostalgia in recent years. When it comes to TV shows, we reminisce about classic sitcoms such as ‘Friends’ and ‘Cheers’ or classic theme tunes that immediately take us back to our younger days. While Marvel’s recent Disney+ show, ‘WandaVision’, certainly embraced nostalgia as Wanda Maximoff took over Westview, New Jersey using a variety of sitcoms from her past as inspiration.

Our simply titled track, ‘Guitar and Violin’, sweetly stirs us a wholesome, nostalgic feeling with succulent strings being complemented by a relaxing guitar. In addition to sounding like it belongs on a family TV show from the ’70’s or ’80’s, the track can work perfectly for your online videos.

Whether it’s sharing family memories, being outside capturing nature at its most beautiful, or showing novice viewers how to use essential photograph and video editing software, ‘Guitar and Violin’ is sure to be a comforting and pleasing addition to your next YouTube masterpiece.

More often then not, retro music is combined with a lo-fi aesthetic. Its traits of subtle imperfections and tape hiss sits well within retro music, executing a well-rounded nostalgic tone.

Our copyright-free lo-fi retro track, ’Morning Coffee’, is a fine example of this. Its delicate, simple tempo and instrumentation has its origins in old school hip-hop. However, it has a wide ranging appeal which allows the track to be used for a diverse range of online videos.

If you’re looking for a track that is equally modern and retro, then ‘Morning Coffee’ is the perfect piece of music to embed into your next tutorial video, lifestyle vlog, cooking clip, or workout tip video. Whichever type of video you’re creating, ‘Morning Coffee’ is sure to appeal to viewers.

jazz hop royalty free music

Like ‘Morning Coffee’, ‘Jazz Hop’ is firmly rooted in original hip-hop with a lo-fi aspect. Complemented by a stirring blues-y guitar and sweet, distant harmonies, the track provides a comforting and warm feeling.

When you’re looking for copyright-free background music for your online videos, you want a track that doesn’t distract viewers and not take the focus away from the main visual content of the video. We think ‘Jazz Hop’ definitely does this.

Whether it is showing viewers how to paint with water colours, discussing the latest showbiz news, unboxing the latest must-have smartphone, or giving a make-up tutorial, ‘Jazz Hop’ is an ideal and licence-free track to use.

Want more copyright-free cinematic music?

So that is just a glimpse of what the LES Music Library has to offer. Our growing catalogue of license-free tracks is growing every month. By joining LES Free Music Library on Patreon, you will receive access to our 60 tracks (in MP3 format) with eight new tracks being added monthly. All Patrons will be added to our HAAWK whitelist. This means your videos will not receive copyright claims.

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