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Why You Need These 4 Rock Tracks for Your Online Videos

For over 60 years, rock ‘n roll has dominated the music landscape. Its emergence in the 1950’s has lasting impact with an endless list of genres and styles having its origins in rock. With its roots in rhythm and blues, country, and jazz, rock has transformed into an over-arching umbrella, giving way to a range of sounds, moods, and various sub-genres.

Traditionally rock music is centred on the electric guitar and accompanied by an electric bass guitar, and a drum kit combining drums and cymbals. However, as new styles and sounds have emerged, more modern elements have been used including electronica and synthesiser keyboards.

Our LES Music Library continues to grow with a broad catalogue of tracks that span various genres, moods, and styles. No matter what type of online video you are creating, we’re sure to have something for you – copyright-free.

Amongst our always expanding list of license-free music is our selection of rock tracks. The four following pieces of music exemplify how diverse rock music can be.

Uplifting motivation - CD cover by LesFM

With its muted guitar chords, electronic claps, and gentle and atmospheric piano keys, it is no surprise we’ve called this track ‘Uplifting Motivation’. It is a bright, feel-good slice of pop-rock which concludes with a playful electric guitar.

For video creators on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram, ‘Uplifting Motivation’ is an ideal copyright-free track to use as background for your next video. Whether it’s demonstrating your business’ latest product, showing viewers useful DIY tips at home, or highlighting your favourite outfits of the season, ‘Uplifting Motivation’ is sure to complement your video giving it a buoyant and welcoming feel.

Pop Rock corporate - CD cover by LesFM

While its title might mean this track is purely aimed at those who create business-orientated video, ‘Pop Rock Corporate’ has plenty of value. Drifting along at a steady tempo with a playful, catch synth line, ringing guitars entwine themselves providing a wholesome feel to the license- free track.

Sure it could be use to highlight the strengths of your business, but the accessible style of the track means it can be used elsewhere. Maybe you’re a fashion vlogger and want to show off your latest shopping haul, or you want to showcase your latest gaming highlights with friends? Perhaps you’re looking to advise people on how to grow gorgeous flowers in their garden, or you’re a website design expert wanting to teach newcomers on where to begin? Whatever the purpose or aim of your latest online video, ‘Pop Rock Corporate’ is a faultless inclusion.

Rooted in folk and country, this upbeat and wistful acoustic number is a succulent piece of copyright-free music. With its stomping beat and twiddling acoustic guitar, ‘Happy’ is a invigorating and pleasant track. Although it is on the lighter side of rock, it leaves a comforting feeling that resonates with warmth.

Just like our other tracks mentioned above, the potential of where and how to use ‘Happy’ as copyright-free background music in your next social media video is endless. From reliving a memorable day out at your favourite theme park, to sharing your essential home work out tips, to guiding viewers how to bake unique and delicious cakes, and beyond.

Inspiration - CD cover by LesFM

While our other tracks on this list can be used at anytime, the LES Music Library does offer a selection of tracks for special occasions including Christmas. ‘Inspiration – Christmas Motivational Bright’ brilliantly blends together rock music with the festive spirit. With delicate, icy piano keys, merry guitars and a choir-like harmony, it captures the Christmas mood radiantly. The only thing missing are jingle bells!

While some Christmas tracks can sound and feel outdated, ‘Inspiration – Christmas Motivational Bright’ equally sounds modern and wholesome. So if you’re putting together a festive video for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, then this track will be the perfect soundtrack. Whether you’re counting down the top 10 must-have toys, highlighting unique, xmas-themed make-up tips, or simply spreading some Christmas joy, you can’t go wrong with using this license-free track.

Want more copyright-free cinematic music?

So that is just a glimpse of what the LES Music Library has to offer. Our growing catalogue of license-free tracks is growing every month. By joining LES Free Music Library on Patreon, you will receive access to our 60 tracks (in MP3 format) with eight new tracks being added monthly. All Patrons will be added to our HAAWK whitelist. This means your videos will not receive copyright claims.

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