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Welcome to Lesfm

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We are passionated about keeping creative people creative. Explore our collection of no copyright music and rock with your next video.

Here at Lesfm we are giving the right music to be successful. We provide the best service to our customers and creating only top quality tracks for your videos. 

1. Search

It is up on you where to find the song. We are trying to do your best to make the search process painless, so that is why we decided to upload songs to all major platforms like: youtube, spotify, apple music, deezer, soundcloud, tidal and many more, the whole list you can find here. Of course you can use web site search to find the right music on this website. And the track downloads in one click.

2. License

This is the best part, if you join our patreon program that means that you have unlimited access to library. We allow you to download as many time as you want and add to as many projects as you want without any cost and it doesn’t matter the size is it 100 viewers or 100M it covers everything.

3. Share

So after you finished your project you can share it anywhere you want without worries about royalties fee or license type. You are safe and sound.

We are so excited that we help you create your next big thing! Thanks for became the member of our community. Keep creating and let us care about the top notch music for your videos

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