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Top 5 Copyright-Free Lo-Fi Music Tracks for Videos

There are numerous benefits to adding royalty-free music to your videos. For starters, music can complement the feel and tone of your YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok video. They enhance the viewing experience, adding depth and purpose to your content. Imagine watching a video of a gorgeous sunset across an ocean, or a compilation of extreme sports stunts without any background music, it would be pretty uninteresting, right?

In recent years, lo-fi music has become increasingly predominantly used as background music for a variety of purposes. The genre has gained a massive following, finding a connection with lo-fi music for it’s straightforward, uncomplicated, and sometimes nostalgic, sound.

Short for low-fidelity, lo-fi is often identified by its subtle imperfections such as misplayed notes, tape hiss, and harmonic distortion.

For video content creators, lo-fi music is a suitable style to complement their work. Vlogs, tutorial, travel, documentary, and informative clips are just some of the type of videos where lo-fi music is regularly used.

Here at Les Free Music, we offer a range of lo-fi tracks that are copyright-free and available to use for your video, no matter the tone or style.

Although lo-fi music is often stylised as laid back, our top 5 royalty-free lo-fi tracks show they’re not just about those chilled out vibes.

Our first recommendation, ‘Night Dreaming’, fits the lo-fi aesthetic brilliantly well. The hazy track drifts along with a stripped-back hip-hop beat, capturing a meditative tone. While atmospheric guitars and light keys merely adds to ‘Night Dreaming’’s soothing tone.

If you’re looking to use ‘Night Dreaming’, we think it would be the perfect background music for entertainment videos such as top 10 lists, or “how to” videos. The calm pacing of the track won’t detract viewers from what your video is about.

If you’re familiar with the animated image of a girl sitting at a desk with headphones on, then you’ll be aware of the popular “lofi girl” YouTube channel. ‘Morning Coffee’ is a track that would not sound out of place in a playlist of songs to relax/study to.

The combination of washed out beats, gentle guitars, and melancholy strings makes it a charming piece of copyright-free music that could be used for any type of video; whether it be sad or happy. So pour yourself a cup, and let ‘Morning Coffee’ be the royalty-free soundtrack to your next video!

Similarly, ‘Like Genshin Impact’ fits the “lofi girl” aesthetic. The ascending and descending piano keys, twinkling acoustic guitar, and layered instrumentation radiates with warmth and comfort. Whereas ‘Jazz Hop’ neatly blends together a stirring, laid back blues guitar with a lo-fi beat.

Besides its title, don’t be fooled by ‘Chill Escape’s sun-soaked strings. This is a pleasant, upbeat track that will complement any holiday or travel video.

The track ideally leans on the “chillwave” style that has become very popular amongst lo-fi music fans in recent years.

If you’re looking for a bright, feelgood track without having to worry about copyright, then ‘Happy Summer’ is just what you need. With its summery beat, jangly piano, and electronic swirls, it is the perfect soundtrack for showcasing those memorable and fun moments.

Likewise, our ‘Chill Hip Hop’ track is an upbeat number with electronic drums and bright brass bursts. Want to show off your latest trick shots from the basketball court, or relive an unforgettable party with friends, then both ‘Chill Hip Hop’ and ‘Happy Summer’ are definitely worth including, copyright-free.

The Les Free Music offers music for a range of emotions. Just like the aforementioned ‘Happy Summer’, ‘Sad Lofi’ has a fitting title. It’s a soothing and delicate piece of license-free music that would complement videos with a sincere and gentle tone.

If you are looking for another track with a softer, emotional feel, then you should check out ‘The Day You Left’. The mix atmospheric swells, blues-y guitar lines, and stripped back hip-hop beat makes for a satisfying combination.

Although both terms include the word “free”, neither royalty-free and copyright-free are not one- hundred percent free. They are misleading terms. As you can probably guess, copyright-free music means no one owns the copyright to that music. However, royalties are still paid as the content creator has buy a license to use that song.

Companies such as Les Free Music Library, sell the license of music to content creators for a fee and we then pay the composer of that piece of music.

Copyright-free music is rare to find as almost every piece of music has some form of copyright attached to it, even with a Creative Commons license.

Further details about what is royalty-free and copyright-free music can be found here [LINK].

Creative Commons provides free licences for creators to use when making their work available to the public. These licences help creators give permission for others to use their work in only certain ways.

Licensees must always credit (or acknowledge) the creator of the music used. Anything beyond the terms of the license, must be agreed with by the original creator.

Social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok use contentID algorithms to track how and where music is used. These algorithms are often known to be imperfect, meaning content creators can have their content de-monetized for using music they have obtained a license for.

LesFM provides a license key to its Patrons to get around copyright claims on their content. We 100% own the rights to our music library, and use contentID protection.

Further details on how and where you can use our music free library can be found on our FAQ.

By joining Les Free Music Library on Patreon, you will receive access to our 60 tracks (in MP3 format) with eight new tracks being added every month. All Patrons will be added to our HAAWK whitelist. This means your videos will not receive copyright claims.

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