Top 5 Cinematic Copyright-Free Tracks

For any video creator, no matter how big or small your project is, you want your video to feel epic! One of the key ways to do this by having a soundtrack that is made for the silver screen.

Our Library offers a whole range of copyright-free cinematic tracks for any occasion or mood. Want something dramatic or triumphant? How about a track to capture those special Christmas moments? Or maybe you want some music that can inspire viewers? We have everything to fulfil your needs.

With the LES Music Library growing every month, you are sure to be spoilt for choice when picking a license-free cinematic piece of music for your next YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Tik Tok video. To give you a helping hand, we’ve picked out five our favourite royalty-free cinematic tracks.

We all know the feeling of settling down in your cinema seat with popcorn in one hand, then you’re suddenly taken away to another world. It could be a world of mystery, or full of superheroes, or in a galaxy far, far away. Nevertheless, it is often the sound of gigantic orchestral strings that pull you along for the ride.

Want something to capture that larger-than-life feeling? Then our simply titled ‘Epic Cinematic Trailer’ music is just what you need. The two minute, copyright-free track captures the drama and intrigue that viewers feel when they’re mesmerised by the latest cinematic blockbuster. By using ‘Epic Cinematic Trailer’, you too can capture that same feeling for your online videos.

Imagine this, you’re an interior designer and you have a new home to show off to the world. Or maybe you have a client who wants to demonstrate their latest product on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Maybe you just want something that is equally comforting and cinematic to go with your latest online video project.

‘Happy At Home’ is just the royalty-free track you need to fulfil any and all of the above scenarios. It’s sweeping strings, delicate piano keys and steady tempo is sure to entice viewers into whatever you have to offer, or whatever video you are creating.

With its modern hip-hop beat, atmospheric guitars and strings, and light running piano keys, ‘Freedom’ is a fitting choice for your latest social media video. From instructional work out videos to re-living that memorable holiday and beyond, ‘Freedom’ perfectly captures a contemporary and cinematic feel.

Likewise, one of our other cinematic, license-free tracks, ‘Survival’, brilliantly combines a hip-hop beat with awe-inspiring orchestration.

When you think of big budget cinematic masterpieces, you are reminded of music that inspires you, taking you on a journey of excitement and wonder.

If you are looking for a track capture that same feeling, our copyright-free track, ‘Inspirational’, is highly recommended. With its grand orchestral tone, the track gradually builds to a conclusion of cinematic proportion and can be used for any type of video.

Although cinematic music is often thought of sounding larger-than-life, it can also be presented in different ways. ‘Power, Ambient and Inspiring’ slowly builds delicately with swirling instrumentation. While the commonplace epic-ness cinematic music is underpinned, leading to a comforting conclusion.

For content and video creators, this license-free track can be used for a variety of online videos; family memories, corporate presentations, informative clips, and much more.

Want more copyright-free cinematic music?

So that is just a glimpse of what the LES Music Library has to offer. Our growing catalogue of license-free tracks is growing every month. By joining LES Free Music Library on Patreon, you will receive access to our 60 tracks (in MP3 format) with eight new tracks being added monthly. All Patrons will be added to our HAAWK whitelist. This means your videos will not receive copyright claims.

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