Me playing my guitar

Who am I?

Hi guys I decided to create my blog about no copyright music and about music in general. I am creating producing music since 2004. I will post my story in the following posts. 

You might know me by my site No copyright music. I decided to create it because I saw request from the people who are searching for the right music for the right video. 

How things works. I decided to create one simple rule you can download any song for free and use it where do you want to use, but if you are making money with your videos on youtube for example – you should became my patreon the cheapest tier is only $1 so its nothing comparing what you make with your video on youtube. Moreover you will have access to the whole library that I created and continue creating by adding 8 more tracks every month. 

So if you are interested in free music please feel free to visit my site or other social media to be able to use my music.


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