5 Inspirational Acoustic Tracks for YouTube, Facebook and More

When it comes to creating video content for social media, music is an important part. Whether you’re creating a travel vlog, cooking guides, entertainment news, question and answer videos, or product reviews, having complementary background music can add a professional touch your YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram video.

One type of music that regularly works is acoustic music. Its simplicity of just an acoustic guitar provides a comforting, homely feel for your videos. In comparison to other, slightly niche, genres such as rock, pop, and electronica, acoustic music is organic and accessible to many people.

Here at LES Music Library, we offer a variety of acoustic licence-free tracks that can be used for your online videos. As you can see from our list below, acoustic music can fit a variety of moods; inspirational, motivational, downbeat, and joyful.

Goodbye stress - CD cover by LesFM

If you’re looking for a slice of acoustic music in its rawest form, then ‘Goodbye Stress’ is the perfect fit. The blend of plucky strings and note-changing screeches gives the copyright-free piece a comforting, organic feel.

We can picture this being used as part of a wholesome family vlog, or an informative corporate video presentation, and more.

Uplifting motivation - CD cover by LesFM

While the acoustic guitar can sometimes be used by itself, it can also be part of a larger piece of music. On ‘Uplifting Motivation’, an acoustic guitar complements a simple snare drum beat, muted electronic guitar, and atmospheric piano keys. The end result is a pleasing, inspiration slice of royalty-free music that can be used across a whole range of social media videos.

Acoustic music can effect listeners in many ways. One of those ways is to comfort and inspire you, no matter the situation. ‘Inspiring Ambient’ is a short, plucky piece of license-free music that shines through its delicate atmosphere.

Also you can listen all our music on any platform you wish such as: YouTube, Spotify, apple music and many more.

Happy - CD cover by LesFM

Even though acoustic music can sometimes supply a reflective, emotional tone, it can also be used to capture those brighter, feel-good moments. Our simply titled track, ‘Happy’, does just that.

Its upbeat tempo, plucky guitars, and gradual build are the perfect soundtrack for a video that are sure to make video creators and viewers feel happy. From special family events to memorable sporting moments and beyond, ‘Happy’ is sure to leave a smile on your face.

If you’re looking for a similar track to maintain that feel-good factor, then feel free to check out ‘Inspiring Journey’.

in the forest - CD cover by LesFM

As you can see, acoustic music can take its form in a variety of moods and tones, with one of them being emotional and downbeat. Our copyright-free tracks ‘In The Forest’, gently captures that sad, reflective feeling.

With its slow tempo, atmospheric vocals, and meditative acoustic guitar, ‘In The Forest’ is sure to perfectly fit into a variety of online videos, no matter which social media platform. Whether it is for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tik Tok, tracks like ‘in The Forest’ have endless potential.

Want more copyright-free cinematic music?

So that is just a glimpse of what the LES Music Library has to offer. Our growing catalogue of license-free tracks is growing every month. By joining LES Free Music Library on Patreon, you will receive access to our 60 tracks (in MP3 format) with eight new tracks being added monthly. All Patrons will be added to our HAAWK whitelist. This means your videos will not receive copyright claims.

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