5 Essential Folk Songs for YouTube, Facebook and More

Traditionally folk music was songs that were passed on generation by generation. Songs were often based on national identity and sung without instruments. However since the mid-20th century, contemporary folk music has seen the genre shift towards a more acoustic guitar-based style. Occasionally, it has been combined with other modern genres such as indie, rock, country, and electronica.

The LES Music Library offers a variety of folk tracks, copyright-free. Our catalogue has a mix of acoustic-led and multi-instrumental pieces of music that can be used across social media for a variety of videos.

To help you decide which folk tracks you might want to consider to use for your next YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tik Tok clip, we’ve picked out five essential tacks.

Ambient uplifting - CD cover by LesFM

Modern folk music heavily relies on the acoustic guitar, providing a relaxing, wholesome feel. That is exactly what ‘Ambient Uplifting’ does. Its laid back, twiddly acoustics offers a comforting vibe that will complement a variety of online videos.


Whether it is on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, or Facebook, ‘Ambient Uplifting’ is ideal license-free background music. Maybe you’re a dog lover who wants to share adorable memories, or a budding fashion designer wanted to showcase your latest ideas. Perhaps you’re looking for a delicate piece of music to complement footage of a beautiful scenery. Whatever your video is about, ‘Ambient Uplifting’ is certainly worth using for it.

Acoustic Folk - CD cover by LesFM

‘Acoustic Folk’ is another slice of calm and melancholy license-free music. Its gentle, slightly sombre, tone exemplifies what folk music is about. The sensitive acoustic guitar is performed with precision, making for a comforting track.

If you’re looking to reminisce about an unforgettable trip, provide useful information about your business, or share essential yoga and meditation tips, then ‘Acoustic Folk’ is sure to be the perfect background music.

Through combining acoustic folk guitar with harmonious vocals, light synth keys and a steady tempo, ‘Chill Wind’ neatly provides a very modern and dynamic piece of copyright-free music. Using the twiddly acoustic guitar as its foundation, it calmly builds up bringing in other instruments to create a wholesome and colourful track. 

If you are making “how-to” videos for YouTube, sharing holiday memories on Instagram, showing off your summer outfits on Tik Tok, then ‘Chill Wind’ is a worthy song choice to use as background music.

indie guitar - CD cover by LesFM

Like other tracks mentioned already, this short, well-executed piece of acoustic folk music captures a friendly and comforting mood. Through its precision guitar playing, ‘Indie Guitar’ snuggly fits the contemporary folk music mould. 

The pleasant and modest copyright-free track is sure to complement your next online video. Whether its celebrating a family occasion, providing productivity tips, or telling potential customers what your latest product is about, ‘Indie Guitar’ is a succulent choice of copyright-free background music.


While contemporary folk music is based on the acoustic guitar, this track uses a similar instrument as its base. The ukulele is a member of the lute family of instruments, commonly using four nylon strings on a small, guitar-like body. 


As its title suggests, ‘Upbeat Ukulele’ combines an energetic ukulele with a fun, buoyant tempo to create a light and feel-good track. Complemented by delicate keys, the snappy beat adds a modern spin to the plucky ukulele strings. 


This bright and breezy piece of license-free music would work well in the background in a variety of videos. From top ten lists, unbelievable sport moments, and adorable animal compilations, to unique family moments, glamorous showbiz news, and stunning travel vlogs.

Want more copyright-free cinematic music?

So that is just a glimpse of what the LES Music Library has to offer. Our growing catalogue of license-free tracks is growing every month. By joining LES Free Music Library on Patreon, you will receive access to our 60 tracks (in MP3 format) with eight new tracks being added monthly. All Patrons will be added to our HAAWK whitelist. This means your videos will not receive copyright claims.

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